Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spring/Summer 2014: Huge H&M Haul

Last weekend, I went into H&M and I couldn't resist stocking up on Spring and Summer clothes - which resulted in feelings of guilt and despair when I got home and realised how much I'd spent (seeing as I hate spending more than a fiver on pretty much anything haha!) But at least I have some new clothes to wear for my holidays and at the end of the day (as they often say on Jeremy Kyle) I don't regret a single thing that I bought! Okay, so here's the result of my overspending...

I'm loving maxi dresses at the moment and I can't wait to start wearing them! They're just so classy and are perfect for days when you don't want to get your legs out. I find maxi dresses a glamourous day time outfit that keep you cool and they also look really feminine. I used to be quite wary of maxi dresses, as they can sometimes look like a bag on me as they don't always hang right because I'm quite skinny! But this one looks surprisingly nice and I would probably spice it up with a statement necklace. 
Price: £12.99

I think you always need to have a back-up plan in Summer, especially if you live in the UK like me! The weather is unpredictable, so you never know when you'll have to throw on a long sleeved top or sweatshirt. As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to try it on. It's slightly cropped so you won't be too warm and you could always wear it over a vest top with shorts if the breeze picks up. 
Price: £14.99

I wanted a black skirt to wear mainly on a night time with heels or wedges so when I saw this, I picked up a few tops that I thought would go with it too. It's high waisted, so sits just above my belly button and I thought it would look nice with crop tops. It's slightly flared towards the bottom of the skirt and has a bumpy texture to it. I like buying clothes that are versatile, as I can wear it with plenty of other clothes that I own. 

Price: £14.99

Stripes just make me think of Spring and Summer and they look great with denim shorts or leggings. I chose this vest as it's quite long, so I could wear it with leggings and it's also quite baggy, which will help keep me cool. I'd probably wear something underneath it, as it's quite see-through but I love how it looks really casual and it's nice to have some vests and t-shirts for when it gets warmer. 
Price: £3.99

I love wearing blue as I've been told it brings out my eyes. I love the shade of this shirt and yes, stripes again! The button up design means I could wear it over a vest top and leave it open - plus the pastel blue is really 'in' at the moment! 
Price: £12.99

I would wear this top on a night time (as it's quite dressy) with a black bra or bandeau underneath, as it's see-through. This would look nice with the black skirt that I bought above, or over a dress. I love black lace tops, as I think they can look really sophisticated hehe! 
Price: £12.99

I wasn't keen when I first saw this dress because of the bright colours, but I decided to try it on anyway. I then began to really like it and I realised it would look nice on holiday if I go out for tea. I could wear this dress during the day or on the night time with wedges - it's not too dressy, so it's perfect for a restaurant! 
Price: £7.99

You must have guessed by now that I'm really into floral patterns! This would look great with a denim skirt, shorts or jeans. I love wearing bright colours and patterns during Summer just because it reflects the weather and lifts my mood! Plus, look at the pretty flowers! 
Price: £6.99

This skirt sits nicely on the hips (and it actually creates them!) I like the design; the zip on the front and the ripped effect. This looks lovely with the floral crop top above and it's also really versatile. It would look nice with plenty of tops, sandals, wedges etc - if I didn't have a few outfits in mind, I wouldn't have paid this much! 
Price: £24.99

I hope you enjoy these type of posts; it's probably easier making a YouTube video when doing a haul, as you can hold each item up close - it's harder taking photos of everything!

Happy Mother's Day! Hope everyone has a nice day:-)

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Concealer Hype

Whenever I go into Boots or Superdrug, the Lasting Perfection concealer by Collection isn't available in shade 1 - 'Fair'. I found out that it's because they sell out as soon as they arrive in store because of the hype surrounding them. I know that it's popular within the beauty community, but I finally found my shade (it was the last one left!) I love applying a light concealer under my eyes as it helps brighten them and makes me look more awake, which comes in handy in a morning! It's also lovely and creamy and blends very well.

It claims to last 16 hours, but I never tend to wear makeup for that long so I wouldn't know. However, I found that it does last throughout the day, which saves time later on as I didn't have to reapply it over my blemishes. After years of using concealers that don't cover my flaws, that clog up or don't last very long, this comes out on top as being the best concealer I've used!

What do you think of this concealer; is there one that you prefer?

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Spring Haul: Boohoo And Primark

I recently ordered some dresses off Boohoo as I loved the look of them and I knew they would be perfect for Spring and Summer. I'm going to be sending a couple of dresses back, but I decided to keep this one as it fits perfectly and I love the elegance of it. This is the Sandy Maxi Dress in the colour 'Charcoal' which is a dark, grey colour. It's quite thin and very figure hugging, which I love. It also touches the floor (depending on your height) and it's tight at the bottom (so you may need to lift it up to walk!) Overall, I love this dress and it'll be lovely to wear during the day with some gorgeous jewellery and sandals, or on the night with some classic wedges and a bright clutch bag. It retails at £10.00.

I went into Primark yesterday and I bought a few bits and bobs that'll go nicely with some of my outfits. I picked up a lovely pastel coloured scarf with a pink floral pattern for £4.00 - I told you I'd go into Primark and find some cheap things, didn't I?! I love buying accessories and bags from Primark as it's kind to my bank balance. I know that this scarf will make a cute accessory. I also picked up a bluey-grey satchel bag for £8.00, which will jazz up a nice outfit. I also wanted some comfortable shoes for night time, so I bought these black, suede wedges for £12.00 (but they're a very small wedge). I love that they'll keep my feet cool in the warmer months - they're also strappy, which help make it a lovely, evening shoe.

I'll have another haul up in the next few days which will mainly consist of clothes, so look out for that! I hope you enjoyed this small haul and if it's given you the urge to splash out on some nice Spring accessories, I apologise in advance - hehe!

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Becoming Bikini Ready

As we're coming up to Spring, the warmer weather erupts and we start to wear less clothing. Before we know it, Summer will have arrived! So now's the time to get yourself into shape so that your body's in tip-top condition for when the bikinis, shorts and floaty Summer dresses make an appearance.

Last year, after searching on YouTube for fitness videos, I came across two women called Karena and Katrina that host a YouTube channel called 'Tone It Up'. They also have a website that you can check out here: They have something for everybody, depending on what you would like to work on. Plus, I've found that they give you motivation to exercise because seriously, have you seen them?!

I do these workout routines every year and I find that you see an improvement very quickly. I tend to stick to three routines below, working on my abs, bum and legs.

I do these as often as I can and I've found that it gives me more confidence. I'm quite skinny, so it helps me tone up and gives a little shape to my body. There's plenty of workout routines to choose from and they tend to upload a new one on a regular basis. Go over to their channel and have a look! I guarantee that you'll find something suited to you:-)

Do you have a fitness routine, maybe based on a YouTube video?
If so, feel free to leave me their channel link below! I'd love to have a look.

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Friday, 14 March 2014

Spring Beauty Tag

I thought I would come up with a tag relevant to Spring as I haven't made my own tag before and I thought it'd be fun! Most of the questions are going to be Spring related, so here you go:

1. Do you change up your makeup when Spring arrives? If so, how?
As it gets warmer, I might change my foundation to a more light coverage (as my makeup will just sweat off anyway). I might also wear some bright eyeshadow colours and coral lipsticks (but not together!)

2. What's your favourite Spring fragrance?
I recently did a post about my favourite Spring/Summer perfume, which is DKNY Be Delicious, as it's sweet and fruity. However, I do like the smell in the morning when it's crisp and sunny outside!

3. What's going to be your favourite accessory this Spring?
I'm going to get myself a pastel coloured bag, which I will probably take everywhere. I might also get a thin scarf with flowers on, something like that.

4. What's going to be your most worn item of clothing this Spring?
A cardigan and my denim jacket. I love wearing a denim jacket in Spring!

5. What are your Top 3 favourite Spring nail polishes?
I also did a post on my Favourite Spring/Summer nail polishes hehe! So probably 'Ceramic Blue' by Maybelline, 'Charming' by Revlon and 'Fuchsia' by Barry M.

6. Do you prefer pumps or sandals in Spring?
Depends on what I'm wearing! Maybe pumps in Spring, as it's not incredibly warm!

7. What's your favourite Spring jacket?
My denim jacket, a hoodie or a nice blazer.

I tag:

Thanks for reading!
Anyone is welcome to complete this tag and add your own questions!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wish List: Spring Fashion

Spring clothes usually arrive onto the high street in the middle of Winter, but I'm still buying Winter clothes then, let alone thinking about Spring! I like to buy the current season's clothes when it's the actual season, so here are a few Spring items that I have my eye on!

1. Grey Mon Chéri Colour Block Sweater - New Look: £14.99

I like wearing a baggy top now and again, especially when it's quite cool outside. You could wear it over a vest top, so you can take it off if you get too hot. I like the way they look laidback and casual and the pastel colours are perfect for Spring!

2. Black Spot Print Pencil Skirt - New Look: £14.99

I love the old-fashioned style of this skirt; the print and the length. This would make for a perfect Spring day time outfit, if you teamed it with a cropped top and sandals. It's figure-hugging and it would look great on holiday!

3. Light Blue Knitted Crop Top - New Look: £14.99

I love the colour of this and I would probably wear it with jeans. It's knitted, so you're not going to be too cold; perfect for Spring weather! You can also get the pink version of this if you aren't keen on the blue, but I prefer wearing blues in comparison to pinks.

4. Light Blue Textured Floral Skater Dress - New Look: £19.99

How cute is this! It's just perfect for day time! It's so girly and it would look great with a pair of sandals or pumps. The design along with the colours would probably suit pretty much anyone. It's sadly out of stock at the moment, noooo! I'll have to keep checking to see when it's back in stock, as I don't want to endure Spring without it!

5. Super Stretch Trousers, Black & White Stripes - H&M: £14.99

I've always wanted some patterned trousers, but I've always struggled with what I would wear with them. However, these are a simple black and white striped pattern, so there are lots of choices as to what you could team them with. I would wear either a cropped tee or a collared top tucked in. You could also wear these on the night time, if you paired them with heels or wedges.

6. Figure-fit Jacket, White - H&M: £14.99

Blazers can do wonders to an outfit. You could wear it on a night time or during the day, as it makes for a lovely Spring jacket. Blazers can look quite dressy, if teamed with heels and a clutch bag. But they can also look casual, if teamed with pumps and a pretty playsuit; very versatile, which is what I love!

7. Grey Jersey Strappy Midi Dress - New Look: £14.99

You can also get this in black, but I prefer the grey one as I can picture what I would wear it with. I like wearing casual day time dresses in Spring, as they can look really feminine and pretty. I would wear this with strappy sandals and a bright coloured bag.

8. Denim Shirt - H&M: £19.99

Everyone loves a good denim shirt, don't they?! Denim shirts are just perfect for Spring and Summer! You can wear them with a patterned high-waisted skirt, black trousers or even leggings - great for day time.

9. Court Shoes, Powder Pink - H&M: £24.99

These nude heels really caught my eye as they look classy and elegant, definitely ideal for a night time look! I'm sure I would find plenty of outfits to go with these, once I go Spring shopping.

10. Fashion Skinny Scarf - New Look

I only picked one scarf to include but there are a whole range to choose from. I love these thin pretty, patterned scarves as they are a great accessory to add to any Spring outfit!

The reason I haven't included any Spring bags is because I will probably go into Primark and find a much cheaper alternative. It's the same with shoes and accessories - Primark is much more affordable and you can stock up on lots of cheaper, pretty things!

What's going to be your favourite type of outfit/accessory this Spring?

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Sweet Spring/Summer Scent

I woke up this morning and I found that I had reached 500 followers on Bloglovin! That's absolutely amazing and I'm so thankful to everybody who has taken the time to read my blog. 

I thought I would do a Spring themed post today, as the weather has suddenly started to feel more Spring-like. The sun is out! Hurray! I like to wear a sweet scent in the warmer months, as there's just something about the fruity smell that lifts my mood and reminds me of Summer. I love wearing DKNY Be Delicious as the perfume consists of apples, a blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods. I like the design of the bottle, as it resembles a juicy apple - mmm!

This perfume is extremely popular, as it's such a refreshing scent. The thing that I love about perfume is that as soon as you spray it, you are instantly taken back to a time when you once wore it and it can help you relive memories that come with the scent. For instance, I last wore this perfume in the Summer, so whenever I get a whiff of it, I have memories of my holiday and the lovely warm weather. 

You can see me in the last photo in the reflection as the lid is like a little mirror hehe!

If you're looking for a sweet, fruity fragrance this season, maybe try this out in Boots if you haven't already!

What's your favourite Spring/Summer perfume?

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Update: Blog Domain

Hi everyone! 

I don't know if you've noticed, but I've had a complete makeover on my blog! I've changed my header, mixed up my sidebar a little bit and most importantly, I've changed my blog domain. I've gone from to:


I bought the domain off for £2.99. The reason I went for the plunge is because I wanted my blog to look more professional and I also wanted to lose the 'x' from my blog name. I realised I needed to change the header while I was at it, seeing as I'd changed up the name a little bit. I hope you like it and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I also made sure to email Bloglovin so I didn't have to create a new account and lose all of my followers (that would have been dreadful!) They happily changed my blog domain for me, making sure I kept all of my followers. However, as a consequence I lost all of my likes...

I'm almost at 500 followers and I can't believe that in four whole months, I've managed to convince nearly 500 people to follow me hehe! Thank you so much everyone!

I'm excited to continue blogging with my new domain name.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 7 March 2014

What's In My Clutch Bag?

I've seen a few of these type of posts floating around, so I thought I would be a sheep and post my own. I don't know about you, but I find carrying a bag on a night out very annoying, especially if you have to hold it by hand. They get in the way, you can very easily leave it on the bar and it's a nuisance whilst you're dancing. However, we have to find somewhere to keep all of our vital items that we will most likely need, so a bag is pretty necessary!

The main things I bring on a typical night out are:


This is something you definitely need if you're under 25 (or if you find that you get asked for your I.D a lot!) It's unlikely that you'll get anywhere without it! You need to be able to prove your age and show that you're old enough to drink, so make sure you have it before you leave the house otherwise you may end up being turned away.


Well you won't get far without it! By the way, do you like my cute, leather mouse purse?! My grandad bought me it when I was little and I find that it's really handy on a night out, as it's small and fits in my bag easily. I tend to fold up each pound note separately, so I can find the right amount I need later on (and it also helps you not lose any, as I probably would if they were all folded up together!) I also make sure to throw a few pound coins in there, as you might need change for the taxi if you're planning on splitting it with a couple of friends.


Of course you need your phone! In this day and age, who doesn't go anywhere without it?! Taking snaps for Instagram, phoning for a taxi and texting your friends if you can't find them is what I mainly use my phone for on a night out (and also texting my mum when I'm on my way home, so she can stop worrying!)

Hairbrush & Makeup

You may take regular toilet breaks when you're out, so bringing a small brush with you is useful as you may want to fix your hair. I also bring bits of makeup, as it won't last on my face throughout the night. I like to bring powder to reduce the shine and cover the oil around my T-zone, my lipstick to reapply and also some Vaseline as my lips get very dry after a while.


It's good to bring your house key out with you, as when you get home your parents will most likely be in bed! This way, you hardly disturb them and you can hurry and get to bed as soon as you get in!

So they're the main necessities I bring with me in my clutch bag and I usually end up using them all!

Is there anything else you bring with you that you couldn't leave the house without?

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Haul: I'm An ELFoholic

Ever since I first discovered ELF Cosmetics a few years back, I have placed regular orders (much to my bank account's annoyance). Recently, there was a 50% off code when you spent £30 or more, therefore I knew I had to make a purchase. I always tend to hold off from splurging out at ELF until there is a great money saving code, even though it's quite cheap anyway - so you don't break the bank that much.

Mineral Infused Face Primer: Clear - £6.95
I couldn't decide whether to get this primer in clear or green (I know that green sounds like a really weird colour to slap on your face, but it helps combat redness!) However, I decided to play it safe and opt for the clear formula. I don't use primer that often on my face, only when I'm going on a night out in case my makeup decides to slide off. I've already sampled this on the back of my hand before writing this blog post and it left a silky, smooth feel so I can't wait to try this out.

Mineral Personal Blend Foundation: Light - £8.95
I've wanted to try a mineral foundation for a while now, so I thought I would try this one after seeing a positive review on it. I bought the lightest one, which is made up of four compartments with different shades, so you can build up the right amount of colour for your individual skin tone. I liked the idea of this foundation as you're in control of creating your own custom colour, which you can adjust throughout the seasons of the year if your skin tone becomes lighter or darker. I'm also looking forward to using this in the warmer months, as I think I'll prefer wearing a powder as I have oily skin. (It's also SPF 15, ideal for Spring and Summer weather!)

Lip Stain: Heartbreaker - £3.95
I decided to add this to my basket at the very end, as I was looking for a lipgloss perfect for Spring. As you can see, it's a coral colour with mixtures of pink, red and peach shades. It's double ended, with the stain on one side and the clear gloss on the other, so you can decide whether to have a matte look or a shiny, glossy finish on the lips (which is also supposed to help moisturise your lips too!) I love the fact that the stain is a creamy formula, as I usually find that stains can be quite drying. I'm looking forward to using this!

Baked Eyeshadow Palette: California - £10.00
Yes, I've finally got this palette that I've been wanting for a while! I mentioned this in my wish list a few weeks back, as I was going to buy it last Summer but it had sadly sold out. I bought the NYC version for my mum for Christmas, but I decided to get the California one as I like the golden, sandy tones which I know will be perfect for taking on holiday. Each shade is jam packed with shimmer. Plus, you could use them for both day and night looks.

I'm thinking of maybe doing some looks with these products now that the Sun is making it's daily appearance through my window, as the lighting is much better!

Do you have any of these products? What do you think of them?

Thanks for reading!