Sunday, 27 April 2014

Wish List: Holiday Shoes

I tend to buy a new pair of flip flops every year, which I'm sure most people do as they seem to wear out pretty quickly after hours of walking and getting them soaked in the sea. It isn't much of a problem though, as they're fairly cheap so easy to afford! Not only am I a big fan of flip flops, but sandals are also really pretty! So I've picked out an array of shoes that I can't resist not sharing with you!

1. Sweet Pea Toe Post Sandals, £26.00 - Oasis
I love the way these flip flops look really simple and elegant, especially with the added flowers on the outer edge, which stand out and make them look really girly. The fact that they're black shows that they'll go with pretty much anything as well, which is always a bonus!

2. Tan Colour Block Ankle Strap Wedges, £17.99 - New Look
I love these and they'd be perfect to wear when going for an evening meal paired with a pretty dress. The coral strap going across the foot adds a bit of colour, perfect for wearing on Summer nights.

3. Tan Double Ankle Strap Plaque T-Bar Sandals, £24.99 - New Look
I love a bit of gold (who doesn't?!) and these would look gorgeous with a maxi dress. These will instantly dress up an outfit and the double straps around the ankle will help actually keep your shoe on, unlike flip flops that have a tendency to fly off if you take a 'vigorous' step!

4. White Leather Look Embellished Twist T-Bar Sandals, £19.99 - New Look
Alternatively to the previous gold plated shoes, these have a silver design which will go with most outfits. I love these type of sandals, as they really draw attention to your shoes. Really pretty - I need these!

5. Leather Strap Sandals, £28.00 - Next
These have a slight gladiator-esque feel to them and they'd look great with a pair of denim shorts. The added extra studs don't make them too plain, which I like as I hate buying a 'boring' shoe -they need something about them!

6. Asymmetric Sandals, £18.00 - Next
Similar to the previous ones, but these are probably the most plain pair that I picked out. However, I really love the colour and you can always paint your toenails to make the shoes appear more 'bright'.  

I'm really looking forward to Summer and I can't wait until it's warm enough to be wearing these type of shoes!

What's your favourite Summer shoe? What kind of design is your favourite?

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Good Skin Day: Tinted Moisturiser

Long time no see! Sorry about that, I've been a bit busy spending time with friends and family and I've now started driving lessons, which I'm really enjoying! So I haven't had much time to sit and write a post, but I have a few posts lined up which I'm looking forward to writing:-) 

Now that it's getting warmer (and I'm getting sweatier) I thought I would do a post about what I've been using on my face recently, as I've found that foundation is just too heavy for me when I'm out and about. I prefer a much lighter formula in the Summer months, plus I like something that gives me a bit of colour, so this tinted moisturiser works wonders for my skin! It gives me a slight tan and gives my face a healthy looking glow. I've also found that I don't need to use a separate moisturiser before applying my makeup, as this does the job!

It only comes in one colour 'Natural' so I'm surprised that it's not too dark for me as I'm soooo fair-skinned that you could mistake me for snow! I love Nivea though and I've tried various moisturisers from their range over the years, which haven't let me down.

This tinted moisturiser is light-reflecting and enriched with Vitamin E, brightening up your complexion all for a couple of quid! It also protects your skin with its UVA/UVB filters from everyday environmental influences.

I highly recommend this if you're like me and hate wearing a thick foundation in the Summer. If you're one of them who can't even go to the beach without wearing a bit of makeup, this is ideal for taking on holiday.

Do you prefer a tinted moisturiser in the Summer months too? 
What's your favourite brand?

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Friday, 11 April 2014

Colab Thursday: Spring Eye Makeup

I know that I'm a day late with this, but I decided to go ahead and post this anyway. I don't know if you're aware, but a new collaboration has launched, where every Sunday you receive an email with a topic that you can interpret whichever way you like. This week's topic is 'Spring' so I decided to do a blue eye look which I would wear in Spring or Summer. Now that we're starting to see more of a blue sky outside rather than grey clouds, I thought this would be relevant to the topic - you can sign up to the collaboration here:

Before I start, yes I do have ginger eyebrows, but what can I do?! Haha!

After curling my eyelashes, I primed my eyes with the ELF Eyelid Primer in the shade 'Sheer' so that my eyeshadow lasts and to make sure it doesn't budge. It makes for a great eyeshadow base and it also prevents the mascara on my top lashes from smudging onto my eyelid.

I then followed with the ELF Studio Cream Eyeshadow in the shade 'Candlelight'. I love kicking off an eyeshadow look with this as it highlights my brow bone and provides a gorgeous silvery base with a little bit of shimmer.

I then placed the lightest blue from the ELF Duo Eyeshadow Cream in the shade 'Blueberry' onto the first half of my inner eyelid with my finger, followed by the darker shade on the outer corners of my eyelid, blending it out so I have a sort of smoky effect.

I don't use this Clinique Shaper For Eyes that often, but I do love the way it can define my eyes. I used it in the shade 'Deeply Cobalt' and softly ran it along my upper lash line, which I then blended in with a smudge brush so the line wasn't too harsh. I also placed it on my waterline too.

I used two different mascaras with this look; I used the Benefit 'They're Real' mascara on my top lashes, as it's one of my all-time favourite mascaras and I love the volume it creates. I used the No.7 Stay Perfect Mascara on my bottom lashes, as it's waterproof and therefore doesn't smudge under my eyes.

I hope you like this eyeshadow look I created; if you have blue eyes, it helps bring them out and draw attention to them (which I love!)

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I've been nominated for the 'Very Inspiring Blogger Award' which I'm reallly chuffed about and extremely grateful, as it's weird to think that my blog could be in any way, shape or form 'inspiring' so a big thank you to Becky from

Award Rules:
1. Thank and link the awesome person who nominated you.
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Share 7 things/facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their blogs to let them know you have nominated them and provide a link to your post.
5. Optional. Proudly display the award logo anywhere on your blog e.g. side bar and follow the person who nominated you.

7 Facts About Myself:

1. I love dogs so much - my favourite breed are labradors; mine sadly passed away in March :-( He was 10 years old.
2. I've got no idea what I want to do when I'm older and I often stress about it!
3. I'm a very deep sleeper! I probably wouldn't even wake up if the fire alarm went off! I seem to turn my alarm clock off in my sleep as well, which is annoying haha!
4. I'm a walking contradiction; my personality is very confusing in my opinion haha!
5. I love nature and pretty sunsets; it makes me realise that the Earth's alive.
6. I'm a very deep thinker, which isn't always a good thing. Overthinking is the worst!
7. I love laughing (doesn't everybody?!) I love it when you laugh so much that it hurts haha!


1. Brittany:
6. Charlotte:
7. Emily:
9. Hannah:
11. Joanna:
14. Carly:

I could have nominated absolutely loads of bloggers, as I love reading so many that deserve it! If you decide to complete this, then leave a link below - I'd love to have a read!

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Argan Dew Miraculous Moroccan Argan Oil*

I recently received these free samples from Argan Dew and I couldn't wait to try them. I received three 10ml samples of the Replenishing Hair Mask and three 3.5ml samples of the Miraculous Argan Oil.  I was really interested to see how each treatment would leave my hair, as I had only tried one hair oil before (the L'orĂ©al Elvive Extraordinary Oil) therefore I'm quite new to this kind of formula. Plus, the idea of putting oil on my hair when I suffer from oily hair anyway didn't really appeal to me - however, it's not as toe-curling as you may think!

What I like about Argan Dew (apart from the fact that they don't test on animals) is that they use natural products; they use one of the world's richest and rarest natural oils that can be found in the Argan nut, which grows in Morocco. It claims to prevent skin and hair damage, as well as keeping it moisturised and healthy. Described as being "nature's conditioner" these products help restore the natural elasticity of the hair and leave it looking shiny and feeling hydrated.

Replenishing Hair Mask

I was excited to use this as I love a good hair mask (especially as this one uses natural products). As soon as I opened the sachet, I noticed it had a similar consistency to a conditioner; thick and creamy. I used the full 10ml that was provided, as it seemed like a generous amount and it was enough to provide my hair with (as my hair is quite thick and long). The smell of the mask was very natural; it didn't have any chemical smells like some masks do - it had an almost 'nutty' smell (which makes sense as the main ingredient is extracted from the argan nut!) 

After shampooing, I massaged the mask into my hair, starting from the ends and working my way up to my roots. I was nervous about putting it in my roots, but it turned out to not be a problem. I left it on for five minutes before rinsing off and I could feel the benefit already, similar to how your hair feels after using a conditioner. After getting out the shower, my hair was easier to comb through and it was smelling nice and fresh.

After blowdrying my hair, I immediately noticed the shine and the soft feel it had. The next day, my hair was easy to brush through and it still appeared shiny and felt soft. My roots also felt surprisingly soft and 'clean' - they didn't feel oily, which I was expecting as I had massaged the mask into my roots after all.

My sister has long, thick hair and half of it is dip-dyed, so she was keen to try the mask to repair her dry ends. She told me that she loved the overall result; her hair felt much softer and didn't look as damaged, which she was pleased about.

Miraculous Hair Oil

I actually preferred the smell of the hair oil compared to the mask and this equally left my hair feeling soft. I only used half of the 3.5ml sachet, so it shows that you don't need a lot of the oil for it to benefit your hair. I used it when I got out of the shower before blowdrying my hair, as it isn't necessary to have to rinse it off. The oil is a thick, sticky consistency (a bit like syrup) but as soon as you start working it through your hair, it blends in nicely and provides your hair with plenty of nourishment. My hair felt soft and looked shiny and I also found that I didn't have as many fly-aways as I normally do, so the oil must have flattened them down and prevented any frizz.

Overall, there must be something special in Argan oil that helps protect and restore your hair, improving its appearance and texture. The company is based in Israel so their products take maybe a week or more to arrive, but they make sure to ship them quickly and get them overseas as soon as possible. You can request free samples on their website, which I recommend doing as the products are quite expensive, so it's best to try them out first like I did. I really like these products though; I love the way my hair felt and also the smell is lovely!

Have you tried these products? If so, what do you think?
Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!