Saturday, 13 September 2014

Autumn Flowers: Appleyard Luxury Review*

A company based in London called Appleyard Flowers recently contacted me to see if I could write a review about their flower bouquets - I absolutely love flowers, so I jumped at the chance! Flowers can brighten any room, instantly make it smell fresh and lift your mood. I received a colourful bouquet from their new Autumn Flowers, which is out now!

The photographs above show the bouquet sitting in my living room - I received one called 'Rose Envy' which includes a mix of versilia roses, memory lane roses and deep red roses with a few glossy red berries and blue veronica nestled in between. You can order these Luxury Flowers in a variety of sizes (from standard, large to extra large) and you can also add a personal message that'll be included with your bouquet if you were to send them to someone special. There are a variety to choose from on their website, with flowers for any situation; you can shop by occasion, season, colour and price! 

Autumn Flowers
L-R: 'Cosy Cranberry', 'Hot Toddy' & 'Pumpkin Chutney'

They were dispatched very quickly and they arrived with some flower care instructions (which was lucky as I didn't have a clue how to maintain them and keep them fresh!) They also came with a little sachet of 'flower food' which you mix with some water in a vase. As you can see, the autumn bouquets are much darker than the other bouquets on their website - there's more greenery and darker flowers to tie in with the autumn theme; they look absolutely stunning in my living room!

The vase displayed in my photos was the only vase I could find, but I think the bouquet would look even better in a round, clear glass vase so you can keep the arrangement that the florist prepared. My living room is mainly filled with plain colours (nudes and beiges) so these flowers bring plenty of colour to the room and brighten it up.

Flower Care Instructions:
  • Remove all packaging and trim the stems by 2-3cm, making a diagonal cut with a sharp knife or secateurs
  • Remove any leaves that will be below the waterline
  • Remove any discoloured guard petals from roses
  • Place flowers in a clean vase filled with fresh cold water mixed with the sachet of flower food provided, following the guidelines on the reverse of the sachet. Do not use metal containers as they neutralise the effects of flower food
  • Display the flowers in a cool, light location away from draughts, direct heat, sunshine and fresh fruit
  • Keep the vase water topped up as necessary
  • To refresh flowers after 2-3 days, remove from the vase and re-cut stems by 1-2cm and replace in fresh cold water in a clean vase
I recommend buying a bunch for your room this season for when the nights start getting darker; it will no doubt bring light into your room and will lift your mood when the winter blues kick in!

Check out Appleyard Luxury Flowers here: 

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Autumn Flowers:

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Thanks for reading!

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Back To College: Autumn Haul

I haven't posted in God knows how long - I've been so busy with getting ready for college and playing with my new puppy hehe! But I'm back today with a haul for you, just to let you know that I'm still wanting to blog. I haven't given up, I'm just having to work around things - sadly, work comes first before my hobby.

Knowing that I was going back to college, I looked in my wardrobe to find flip-flops, vest tops and summer dresses - not very suitable for the autumn weather that'll be approaching us soon. I knew I needed to buy a few warmer bits and bobs, so I went into H&M and Primark (my two favourite shops!)

I love H&M - especially for basics! I picked up some lovely autumn tops (I say autumn because they're not cool enough for summer, but not warm enough for winter; they're sort of in between!) They're great for layering though, so they'll do for winter as well! I'm really loving plums and greys at the minute, so I managed to pick up a couple of things in them shades. They aren't too thick either, so hopefully I won't be too hot (which I always am at college because the central heating is through the roof!)

H&M is my favourite place to buy jeans from - I love the fit! I find them really flattering so I bought a pair of light blue skinny jeans. I have these in a slightly darker shade too - they're my favourite!!

I also went into Primark and bought some slip on black pumps. They were only cheap, but they're easy to slip on and they go with most outfits! I got some black suede boots too for when the weather gets worse; they seem like good quality, so hopefully they'll see me through winter!

Have you done any autumn/winter shopping yet?

Thanks for reading!