Friday, 7 February 2014

Tips: Preparing For A Night Out

I thought I would do a post on what I do to get ready for a night out. This may seem like a lot and that I've made a big deal out of going for a fun night out, but it's nice to feel comfortable and confident when you're out with your friends!

1. Drink plenty of water throughout the week
If I know that I'm going out at the weekend, I tend to make sure I drink lots of water so that my skin is in tip-top condition ready for the weekend! The last thing I want is to look bad in photos and for my foundation to clog up! I've found that drinking green tea also improves the condition of my skin (even though the taste is bleugh!)

2. Pamper!
The day before I go out, I like to relax in the evening and make room for a pamper session. This usually involves washing my hair, scrubbing my skin and moisturising! I also like to use a face mask (oh and do my eyebrows!) I like to fake tan a little bit too, especially on my legs (I'm as white as paper).

3. Whiten teeth
I drink coffee everyday, which is a nightmare if you like perfect white teeth! I like to use Pearl Drops Tooth Polish in the run up to my night out, which helps whiten my teeth so I don't feel too self-conscious. Plus, I try and steer clear of coffee and fizzy drinks during the week!

4. Get your outfit sorted early!
Trust me, you don't want to be just going out the door and realise that you don't like your outfit! Try some outfits on early in the week and plan what you're going to wear. It saves plenty of time and worrying when it comes to the day (I fail to do this most of the time so make sure you plan!)

5. Practice in your shoes
I hate being on a night out and being unable to dance because my feet are in agony! Either wear sensible shoes that you know are comfortable, or practice in your heels during the week to make sure you'll be comfy! If you're still worried, pop a few plasters in your bag (which your friends may steal!) You can also buy stick-on gel supports that you can place in your shoes, which might help and make you able to at least walk 10 steps without feeling much pain ;-)

Seriously, the things girls go through to look good...

I may have made it sound like a big deal when going out, but it's best to be prepared, especially for me as I'm a big worrier! I hope this has helped in one way or another and you've enjoyed reading this. I just thought I would do a post on some tips, rather than a review!

Thanks for reading!


  1. That practice in your shoes tip is SO true! Specially if they're new or simply heels...!!

    Great post! xx

  2. Love this post! I'm the worst at not choosing an outfit til the very last minute and realising I don't have shoes or accessories to match..

  3. Haha practice in your shoes made me giggle, I fall all the time when I go out!
    Great post :)
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

  4. Great post. I deff need to drink more water throughout the week before I go out!

  5. I totally agree with breaking in your shoes before a night out & whitening teeth! great post doll! xx

  6. Really nice post! You are so right about putting a few plasters in bag, as I always end up with my feet hurting the day after. I would alsoadd the gel insoles if you put on high heels.