Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spring/Summer 2014: Huge H&M Haul

Last weekend, I went into H&M and I couldn't resist stocking up on Spring and Summer clothes - which resulted in feelings of guilt and despair when I got home and realised how much I'd spent (seeing as I hate spending more than a fiver on pretty much anything haha!) But at least I have some new clothes to wear for my holidays and at the end of the day (as they often say on Jeremy Kyle) I don't regret a single thing that I bought! Okay, so here's the result of my overspending...

I'm loving maxi dresses at the moment and I can't wait to start wearing them! They're just so classy and are perfect for days when you don't want to get your legs out. I find maxi dresses a glamourous day time outfit that keep you cool and they also look really feminine. I used to be quite wary of maxi dresses, as they can sometimes look like a bag on me as they don't always hang right because I'm quite skinny! But this one looks surprisingly nice and I would probably spice it up with a statement necklace. 
Price: £12.99

I think you always need to have a back-up plan in Summer, especially if you live in the UK like me! The weather is unpredictable, so you never know when you'll have to throw on a long sleeved top or sweatshirt. As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to try it on. It's slightly cropped so you won't be too warm and you could always wear it over a vest top with shorts if the breeze picks up. 
Price: £14.99

I wanted a black skirt to wear mainly on a night time with heels or wedges so when I saw this, I picked up a few tops that I thought would go with it too. It's high waisted, so sits just above my belly button and I thought it would look nice with crop tops. It's slightly flared towards the bottom of the skirt and has a bumpy texture to it. I like buying clothes that are versatile, as I can wear it with plenty of other clothes that I own. 

Price: £14.99

Stripes just make me think of Spring and Summer and they look great with denim shorts or leggings. I chose this vest as it's quite long, so I could wear it with leggings and it's also quite baggy, which will help keep me cool. I'd probably wear something underneath it, as it's quite see-through but I love how it looks really casual and it's nice to have some vests and t-shirts for when it gets warmer. 
Price: £3.99

I love wearing blue as I've been told it brings out my eyes. I love the shade of this shirt and yes, stripes again! The button up design means I could wear it over a vest top and leave it open - plus the pastel blue is really 'in' at the moment! 
Price: £12.99

I would wear this top on a night time (as it's quite dressy) with a black bra or bandeau underneath, as it's see-through. This would look nice with the black skirt that I bought above, or over a dress. I love black lace tops, as I think they can look really sophisticated hehe! 
Price: £12.99

I wasn't keen when I first saw this dress because of the bright colours, but I decided to try it on anyway. I then began to really like it and I realised it would look nice on holiday if I go out for tea. I could wear this dress during the day or on the night time with wedges - it's not too dressy, so it's perfect for a restaurant! 
Price: £7.99

You must have guessed by now that I'm really into floral patterns! This would look great with a denim skirt, shorts or jeans. I love wearing bright colours and patterns during Summer just because it reflects the weather and lifts my mood! Plus, look at the pretty flowers! 
Price: £6.99

This skirt sits nicely on the hips (and it actually creates them!) I like the design; the zip on the front and the ripped effect. This looks lovely with the floral crop top above and it's also really versatile. It would look nice with plenty of tops, sandals, wedges etc - if I didn't have a few outfits in mind, I wouldn't have paid this much! 
Price: £24.99

I hope you enjoy these type of posts; it's probably easier making a YouTube video when doing a haul, as you can hold each item up close - it's harder taking photos of everything!

Happy Mother's Day! Hope everyone has a nice day:-)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great post lovely! I love H&M, you can get some great deals! Love the circular skirt and the cute tops!

    Lauren x

  2. love all these bits, especially the white cropped sweat shirt!

    styleskittle / uk fashion blog x

  3. These are all sooo cute!! Especially love the blue striped shirt and lace crop top - love a bit of H&M! x

    Lizzie //

    1. Thanks for the comment - H&M is my favourite shop! x

  4. Very lovely finds! I especially love the floral dress :)

  5. Hi<3 I just thought I'd let you know i've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Check it out here.

    becky x