Friday, 28 February 2014

Skincare Favourites

You may have seen a few of these products in some of my previous posts, but I thought I'd allow them to sneak back onto my blog (as they are my favourites, after all!) I've included various face products that I enjoy using and those that I feel have benefitted my skin. We all know that we have to look after our skin; remove our makeup before bedtime, eat healthy, drink plenty of water and moisturise, but many of us are guilty of skipping these steps now and again, which as a result our skin appears to be in a not-so-great condition. (I don't know about you, but when I wake up after a day of eating non-stop junk food and fizzy drinks, I have quite a shock when I look in the mirror!) However, I'm now trained in the "skincare department" and I'm able to keep up with my skin's needs. So, here are a few of my favourites!

Nivea Lotion - Superdrug: £2.49

I tend to use this product at night, as I like allowing it to sink into my skin whilst I'm sleeping. You can use this product anywhere (face and body) and it has lasted me quite a long time. I use the normal skin version, but you can buy one for dry skin too. I love waking up to find that my skin is smooth and hydrated and it's all down to this little thing. It's also non-greasy, which is great for my frying pan face (eugh, what a thought!)

St. Ives Elements Moisturising Olive Scrub - Superdrug: £2.49
I use this scrub in the shower, as I find it easier than using it over the sink as I always end up with a green, gritty hairline! I tend to use this once a week to remove the dead skin cells from my face and also my chest, as I sometimes get a few spots here and there. I also love the fact that it has 100% natural exfoliants, therefore it isn't too harsh so you could use it daily if you wanted to.

Simple Cleansing Wipes - Superdrug: £1.99
There's a reason so many people love using Simple products, because they are cheap, work well and they are great for people with sensitive skin like myself. I find wipes the easiest to remove mascara with, as I hate using a cotton wool ball or pad as the tiny fibres stick to my eyelashes and get in my eyes! I love the fact that they don't dry your skin out, but instead they moisturise and leave your skin feeling clean and fresh!

L'Oréal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution - Superdrug: £3.32
I know that you've probably heard so much about this already, that you're understandably sick of it! But I had to include it in my 'Skincare Favourites', as ever since a friend introduced it to me, I've been quite obsessed with this product. Not only does it dissolve your makeup, but it removes impurities, tones and soothes your skin - hat's off to it, it's got me through some troublesome skin times. I use this after removing my makeup with wipes, as I know that wipes don't necessarily remove all traces of makeup from your face, but this product helps remove the rest! It's just a shame about the packaging, as I find that you end up pouring too much out of the bottle because of the design.

Tea Tree Face Mask - The Body Shop: £10.00
I was hesitant to buy this at first, as I didn't know how tea tree would react with my skin and whether it would start burning to the point where I worried for my face (okay, slight exaggeration!) But I thought I'd give it a go and now it has decided to creep it's way into my favourites (I don't blame it to be honest!) I try to use this once a week, as I love the way it makes my skin feel afterwards. I keep it on for around 10-15 minutes and my skin ends up looking fresh and feeling cool. It tingles quite a bit, as most tea tree products do, but not to the point of worrying about my face hehe!

Olay Total Effects 7 In One Day Moisturiser -Superdrug: £9.99

I love this moisturiser and again, you may have seen it in one of my previous posts when I raved about this product. I use this every morning before applying my makeup and it leaves a nice glow and it also smoothes my skin. It's SPF 15, which is good for obvious reasons as it adds a slight protection from the sun. It's also age-defying, which you're never too young for!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm still trying to figure out whether to separate each photo with text in between or have all of my photos together, with text underneath. 

Which do you prefer reading? Leave a comment if you wish! :-)

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Bodycare Storage

I thought I would do a post on my bodycare storage as I recently organised everything into separate boxes. I don't know about you, but I love keeping pretty little boxes as I always find something that will go in them. Plus, I now know where everything is so it really does help if you're organised.

I decided to keep my bath bombs and fizzers in a heart-shaped plastic jar, as I think it looks pretty as it's transparent. I received most of these for Christmas and I'm yet to use them, but at least I now know where they all are! 

I keep my soaps in this pretty white box with dresses on and this has to be my favourite box! I have some of The Body Shop soaps, Lush items and floral scent soaps stored in this one. It looks so pretty sat on my desk!

In the circular box, I have some spare bath puffs from The Body Shop and a couple of large butters that wouldn't really fit anywhere else. I tend to receive different bath stuff for Christmas, so I love having some good-sized boxes to store all of my items.

In the rectangular The Body Shop box, I keep my butters and scrubs. Most of them are Chocomania as you can see, as that's what came in the box. I'm yet to use any of the chocolate items, as I'm not that keen on the smell, but I'll soon give them a go and find out!

In the large Christmas Soap & Glory box, I keep all of my lotions and shower gels as it's a good size. I have lotions that were included with perfumes, The Body Shop scented lotions and different moisturisers ranging from Nivea to chocolate (again! I'm really going to have to start to like this chocolate range haha!)

I hope you enjoyed this post. My living room is being decorated at the moment, so I'm trying to find a good space in my house to take photos (with good lighting!) It's frustrating not being able to take some good photos, as that's a big part of doing a blog post! I'm going to have to try different rooms at different times of the day to see which is best.

Do you have any storage posts? Leave a link down below as I love reading them!

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I'll Gladly Tell You The Time...

I received this watch for Christmas and even though that was a good two months ago, I realised that I hadn't blogged about one of my favourite Christmas presents that I pretty much wear everyday! As you can see, it comes in a pretty, leopard print box which helps protect it and also make it look presentable if you decided to give it as a gift to somebody. I chose the Silver Tone Diamante Watch as it matches my ring and looks very classy.

I love the fact that it's a thick watch, which helps add a bit of bling to your wrist and it makes a lovely piece of jewellery that seems to coordinate well with most outfits. The face of the watch is outlined with crystals, which stand out and makes it look glamourous.

River Island have plenty of different watch designs that you can choose from, so if you like the look of their range of watches and if they are in your price range (this one was £30) then I recommend going into the shop and taking a closer look when choosing one.

The only problem I had with the watch is that they only come in one size and unfortunately, it was very loose on my wrist. In the shop, they advise you to go to a jewellers to get it adjusted. Luckily, my dad chipped away at it with a hammer and he was able to remove a few of the links (while I watched in horror at him HAMMERING my new watch!!) But no harm done!

It now fits perfectly and it looks gorgeous!!

Do you own a River Island watch? What do you think of them?

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 17 February 2014

OOTD: Faux Fur And Jeans

Hi everyone! I know I haven't done a post in nearly a week, but I've been quite busy (and also have a mild case of blogger's block) however, I'm hoping to have more posts up this week.

I thought I would show you my outfit that I'm wearing today. It's still very cold at the moment, so I thought I would wear my leopard print fur headband/hat from Next. It keeps my ears warm and also covers up a bad hair day!

I'm also wearing a dark purple woolly jumper from River Island teamed with a black leather jacket from New Look. I love this jacket, as you can wear it throughout the year. It has a black fur collar which is suitable for Winter, which you can remove if you choose to wear the jacket in Spring.

I'm also wearing some skinny jeans from Next. I wear these jeans quite regularly; I've had them for a while and they are great quality.

This is quite a quick post for today; it's hard to photograph OOTDs but hopefully I'll find a good place to take photos very soon!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Top 5 Spring/Summer Nail Polishes

Spring is approaching and I have to admit, it's getting me a bit excited, as sad as I am! I love Spring mornings, the lighter nights and the fact that it's not too cold or too hot. Fewer layers are needed, I can lose the scarf and my denim jacket can make its annual appearance from the back of my wardrobe! I know that Spring weather shouldn't start to appear until another month or so, but SO WHAT I can't wait, okay?! ;-)

I thought I would do my first Spring post about my top five Spring/Summer nail varnishes. I recently picked up the latest issue of Cosmopolitan and pastels are definitely in this season, so I've mainly included pastel-coloured nail varnishes in my top five.

My first pick is a popular brand of nail polish; Barry M Nail Paint. The collection of colours to choose from and nicely packaged bottles really stand out in Boots and I've chosen "Strawberry Ice-Cream" as one of my favourite shades for Spring (plus ice cream is a lovely Summer treat!)  It's a pastel, baby pink colour and looks very elegant and pretty. 

Next up is a polish by Maybelline in the colour 'Ceramic Blue'. I love this shade as it resembles the sky on a clear, sunny day. It's very pretty and it's supposed to last up to seven days! It's a perfect colour for Spring and it will definitely brighten up your outfit.

I've also picked 'Mint Green' by Barry M, which again is a lovely pastel, light green. I love the way in which these colours stand out and they would really compliment a gorgeous Spring outfit.

Adding to the selection of pastels is 'Charming' by Revlon, which is a beautiful, lilac colour (some unnecessary information, but I used to have my room painted this colour! Does anyone remember Groovy Chick?! Haha!) I like the quality of Revlon nail polishes, so I might purchase a few more colours from this brand.

The final colour I've chosen is an old favourite, 'Fuchsia' by Barry M. This colour is different compared to the others as it's more of a bold, 'Barbie' pink rather than a pastel colour, but who doesn't love wearing bold colours in the Summer months?! (Not me!)

What's your favourite nail polish brand and shade for Spring/Summer?

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

All Bloggers, Great And Small Tag

I am so grateful that I've been tagged by Emily from as she mentioned that I'm one of her favourites blogs at the moment, which is lovely to hear! So thank you so much!

Basically, this tag is to show appreciation and to give attention to blogs that have fewer than 1000 followers, but that you feel deserve more than that. So, here are the questions...

1. What makes you want to blog?
I just love writing! That's it really. I love having something fun to do in my spare time and also reading lovely comments. When you know people are reading your blog, it gives you motivation to write more posts.

2. Your morning skin routine?
I don't like to do much to my skin in the morning, I tend to do more at night! In the morning, I tend to wash my face, maybe use the L'Oréal Micellar Solution and apply Olay Total Effects moisturiser before applying my makeup.

3. Your favourite blogger?
Hmm, I honestly don't know! I usually scan my timeline on Bloglovin' and read whatever interests me that day! I have many blogs that I like! :-)

4. A beauty product you can't live without?
Definitely mascara! Also, powder as I have quite oily skin!

5. Your favourite drugstore makeup brand?
Rimmel or L'Oréal.

6. Your favourite high end makeup brand?
I don't usually buy high end products because...well, they're high end; too expensive for me to be splashing out on! However, I'd say Clinique and Benefit (are they even high end brands?! I'm clueless! I don't buy them often haha!)

7. What is your staple wardrobe item?
Well at the moment I'd have to say my black corkscrew wedges (which you'll find in my outfit of the night post from a couple of weeks ago). They're comfortable and I find that they go with plenty of my outfits!

8. What product wouldn't you recommend?
Probably the TRESemmé Dry Shampoo; I've found that it doesn't work as well as the Batiste one in my opinion!

Everyone is welcome to complete this tag! It's open to anyone with under 1000 followers!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Tips: Preparing For A Night Out

I thought I would do a post on what I do to get ready for a night out. This may seem like a lot and that I've made a big deal out of going for a fun night out, but it's nice to feel comfortable and confident when you're out with your friends!

1. Drink plenty of water throughout the week
If I know that I'm going out at the weekend, I tend to make sure I drink lots of water so that my skin is in tip-top condition ready for the weekend! The last thing I want is to look bad in photos and for my foundation to clog up! I've found that drinking green tea also improves the condition of my skin (even though the taste is bleugh!)

2. Pamper!
The day before I go out, I like to relax in the evening and make room for a pamper session. This usually involves washing my hair, scrubbing my skin and moisturising! I also like to use a face mask (oh and do my eyebrows!) I like to fake tan a little bit too, especially on my legs (I'm as white as paper).

3. Whiten teeth
I drink coffee everyday, which is a nightmare if you like perfect white teeth! I like to use Pearl Drops Tooth Polish in the run up to my night out, which helps whiten my teeth so I don't feel too self-conscious. Plus, I try and steer clear of coffee and fizzy drinks during the week!

4. Get your outfit sorted early!
Trust me, you don't want to be just going out the door and realise that you don't like your outfit! Try some outfits on early in the week and plan what you're going to wear. It saves plenty of time and worrying when it comes to the day (I fail to do this most of the time so make sure you plan!)

5. Practice in your shoes
I hate being on a night out and being unable to dance because my feet are in agony! Either wear sensible shoes that you know are comfortable, or practice in your heels during the week to make sure you'll be comfy! If you're still worried, pop a few plasters in your bag (which your friends may steal!) You can also buy stick-on gel supports that you can place in your shoes, which might help and make you able to at least walk 10 steps without feeling much pain ;-)

Seriously, the things girls go through to look good...

I may have made it sound like a big deal when going out, but it's best to be prepared, especially for me as I'm a big worrier! I hope this has helped in one way or another and you've enjoyed reading this. I just thought I would do a post on some tips, rather than a review!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Review: Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

I recently purchased this foundation as I had finished my L'Oréal one and I wanted to try something new. I like that it's a decent size, therefore it'll last me a good few months, plus it's a pump foundation, which is my favourite kind as it's easy to use! It's also SPF 18 - which is great for obvious reasons as it serves as some kind of protection from UV rays.

I prefer this foundation to the Rimmel Wake Me Up, as it's available in 11 different shades (whereas I struggled to find the right shade in the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation range) which is perfect for my pale old self! I was able to find the right shade for my skin tone, therefore I bought it in 'Light Porcelain'.

When I first used this foundation, I worried that it wouldn't be right for my skin, as it's light reflecting and for someone who has oily skin, it doesn't sound good! The last thing I wanted was to add even more shine to my face, however I found that it added a glow in all the right places! It blended in well, offered a good coverage and felt light on my skin. It's quite a creamy formula, therefore didn't feel too heavy. 

Give this foundation a go - see how you like it!

Which Rimmel foundation do you prefer?

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 3 February 2014

January Favourites: What I've Been Loving

I know that favourites are popular amongst bloggers and YouTubers, so I thought I would join in and display my choice of beauty favourites that I've been loving since around Christmas time and give my opinion on each of them!

Real Techniques Core Collection
I received these brushes for Christmas and I've been using them everyday. I particularly love the buffing brush to do my foundation, as it's great for blending in and providing a good coverage. The contour brush is also brilliant for doing my bronzer as it's easy to blend and doesn't look streaky. These brushes are well worth the dosh!

Lush 'Bubblegum' Lip Scrub
This scrub works amazingly well! Not only does it help remove the dead skin cells from your lips, but it tastes so sweet! I love using this at night and then applying Vaseline; it prepares your lips for the next day when you may want to use lipstick. This has been great to use throughout these Winter months, as my lips have been quite dry due to the wind.

Andrew Barton 'Hot Iron Protection Spray'
You may have seen this in my review last month. As my hair is long (and I don't have regular trims, which I know is badddd) this spray helps protect my hair before I use my hair dryer or curling iron. It also smells really nice, which is always a positive! I don't mind which heat defence spray I use, but I'm loving this one at the moment.

Next 'Gold Vanilla' Lip Balm
I also received this for Christmas and it works wonders! I had been wanting a colourless lip balm for a while to use before applying lipstick and this does a good job of moisturising your lips! It also smells lovely as it's vanilla - two in one!

Sally Hansen 'Nail Growth Miracle'
I've recently started biting my nails again (urgh I'm very annoyed with myself!) I was doing sooo well at growing them and then BAM! Now they're back to their scruffy short ways. However, this little miracle (as it's clearly stated) is a miracle indeed! I paint my nails with this everyday and it helps restore them to a healthy, strong state and I have actually noticed a growth spurt! HOW DO THEY DO IT?!

Clinique 'Colour Surge Beige Shimmer'
Even though I got this eyeshadow a while ago, I've been using it a lot more regularly these past few weeks. I love the shimmery, neutral shade and it looks lovely on its own with a bold lip, or blended with a darker shadow.

Elf Lipstick 'Seductive'
I love the coral colour to this lipstick and I know it's a bit bright for this time of year, but I love the shade! It's a mixture of pink, peach and red - the outcome looks really pretty! Anyway, you probably know how much I love Elf hehe!

I've enjoyed reading these type of posts recently, so I thought I would do my own! Hope you liked it:-)

Have you tried any of these products? If so, what do you think?