Friday, 7 March 2014

What's In My Clutch Bag?

I've seen a few of these type of posts floating around, so I thought I would be a sheep and post my own. I don't know about you, but I find carrying a bag on a night out very annoying, especially if you have to hold it by hand. They get in the way, you can very easily leave it on the bar and it's a nuisance whilst you're dancing. However, we have to find somewhere to keep all of our vital items that we will most likely need, so a bag is pretty necessary!

The main things I bring on a typical night out are:


This is something you definitely need if you're under 25 (or if you find that you get asked for your I.D a lot!) It's unlikely that you'll get anywhere without it! You need to be able to prove your age and show that you're old enough to drink, so make sure you have it before you leave the house otherwise you may end up being turned away.


Well you won't get far without it! By the way, do you like my cute, leather mouse purse?! My grandad bought me it when I was little and I find that it's really handy on a night out, as it's small and fits in my bag easily. I tend to fold up each pound note separately, so I can find the right amount I need later on (and it also helps you not lose any, as I probably would if they were all folded up together!) I also make sure to throw a few pound coins in there, as you might need change for the taxi if you're planning on splitting it with a couple of friends.


Of course you need your phone! In this day and age, who doesn't go anywhere without it?! Taking snaps for Instagram, phoning for a taxi and texting your friends if you can't find them is what I mainly use my phone for on a night out (and also texting my mum when I'm on my way home, so she can stop worrying!)

Hairbrush & Makeup

You may take regular toilet breaks when you're out, so bringing a small brush with you is useful as you may want to fix your hair. I also bring bits of makeup, as it won't last on my face throughout the night. I like to bring powder to reduce the shine and cover the oil around my T-zone, my lipstick to reapply and also some Vaseline as my lips get very dry after a while.


It's good to bring your house key out with you, as when you get home your parents will most likely be in bed! This way, you hardly disturb them and you can hurry and get to bed as soon as you get in!

So they're the main necessities I bring with me in my clutch bag and I usually end up using them all!

Is there anything else you bring with you that you couldn't leave the house without?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your clutch looks very organised unlike my handbag, I'd have to clean it out before I showed it online, pretty sure a whole pack of Tictacs are floating around lose in the bottom somewhere! x

    1. Ahah, I had to tidy mine up a bit before this post! Thanks for stopping by! x