Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I'll Gladly Tell You The Time...

I received this watch for Christmas and even though that was a good two months ago, I realised that I hadn't blogged about one of my favourite Christmas presents that I pretty much wear everyday! As you can see, it comes in a pretty, leopard print box which helps protect it and also make it look presentable if you decided to give it as a gift to somebody. I chose the Silver Tone Diamante Watch as it matches my ring and looks very classy.

I love the fact that it's a thick watch, which helps add a bit of bling to your wrist and it makes a lovely piece of jewellery that seems to coordinate well with most outfits. The face of the watch is outlined with crystals, which stand out and makes it look glamourous.

River Island have plenty of different watch designs that you can choose from, so if you like the look of their range of watches and if they are in your price range (this one was £30) then I recommend going into the shop and taking a closer look when choosing one.

The only problem I had with the watch is that they only come in one size and unfortunately, it was very loose on my wrist. In the shop, they advise you to go to a jewellers to get it adjusted. Luckily, my dad chipped away at it with a hammer and he was able to remove a few of the links (while I watched in horror at him HAMMERING my new watch!!) But no harm done!

It now fits perfectly and it looks gorgeous!!

Do you own a River Island watch? What do you think of them?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love the watch!

    Have a wonderful day.



  2. I don't usually like River Island accessories (they put too much gold on things for my tastes) but this is really nice!

    Sharon x


    1. I know what you mean haha! Thanks, I liked the silver one the most! x