Sunday, 9 February 2014

All Bloggers, Great And Small Tag

I am so grateful that I've been tagged by Emily from as she mentioned that I'm one of her favourites blogs at the moment, which is lovely to hear! So thank you so much!

Basically, this tag is to show appreciation and to give attention to blogs that have fewer than 1000 followers, but that you feel deserve more than that. So, here are the questions...

1. What makes you want to blog?
I just love writing! That's it really. I love having something fun to do in my spare time and also reading lovely comments. When you know people are reading your blog, it gives you motivation to write more posts.

2. Your morning skin routine?
I don't like to do much to my skin in the morning, I tend to do more at night! In the morning, I tend to wash my face, maybe use the L'Oréal Micellar Solution and apply Olay Total Effects moisturiser before applying my makeup.

3. Your favourite blogger?
Hmm, I honestly don't know! I usually scan my timeline on Bloglovin' and read whatever interests me that day! I have many blogs that I like! :-)

4. A beauty product you can't live without?
Definitely mascara! Also, powder as I have quite oily skin!

5. Your favourite drugstore makeup brand?
Rimmel or L'Oréal.

6. Your favourite high end makeup brand?
I don't usually buy high end products because...well, they're high end; too expensive for me to be splashing out on! However, I'd say Clinique and Benefit (are they even high end brands?! I'm clueless! I don't buy them often haha!)

7. What is your staple wardrobe item?
Well at the moment I'd have to say my black corkscrew wedges (which you'll find in my outfit of the night post from a couple of weeks ago). They're comfortable and I find that they go with plenty of my outfits!

8. What product wouldn't you recommend?
Probably the TRESemmé Dry Shampoo; I've found that it doesn't work as well as the Batiste one in my opinion!

Everyone is welcome to complete this tag! It's open to anyone with under 1000 followers!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love this tag & all your answers!
    will be definitely participating in this tag

  2. You're adorable!!!
    Loved here

  3. Loved reading this :) I love your blog! Please check mine out :) I'm a mua from Australia. I'd love for you to feature in my wear it wednesday series too if you'd like to.