Friday, 22 November 2013

Week 1: I'm A Beauty Blogger, Get Me Out Of Here Tag!

1) You can only take one product into the jungle (aka your luxury item). What would you choose and why?
Either moisturiser or suncream! (I have fair skin so I'll burn very easily being in a hot country haha!) Actually, scrap that! MASCARA! I have blonde eyelashes and feel naked without any on! (This is a hard question!) hehe.

2) What would be your main pre jungle worry?
Having the pressure of doing a trial! I wouldn't want to let everyone down, plus if I had to deal with snakes in a trial; I don't mind bugs though!

3) You only have five minutes to get ready before going into the jungle, what would be your quick beauty routine?
I'd slap on a bit of tinted moisturiser, mascara and lip balm! Then I'm good to go.

4) Last year we saw Helen Flanagan wearing her hair in a top bun. What would be your signature hairstyle?
I'm really boring when it comes to hair, I usually just leave it down straight or curl it! But for trials, I'd tie it up in a messy bun, ponytail or have it in two plaits.

5) For moral support, which female celebrity would you like to be in the jungle with you?
Probably someone a bit older who'd look out for me in there, or someone who would be easy-going! So maybe Fearne Cotton or Nicole Scherzinger.

6) Everyone’s given a role in the camp. What lifestyle skill would you bring to the jungle?
Well definitely not cooking, I don't know how to cook kangaroo! I'd probably help people if they feel homesick or offer to wash people's clothes or something!

7) What one thing about being a beauty blogger sometimes makes you want to scream ‘Get Me Out Of Here’?
Well I haven't been blogging that long, so nothing in particular comes to mind! Maybe the fact that it's hard to get recognised and gain followers when you first start blogging.

8) Challenge – This is a once in a life time opportunity. You're up for a trial to face your fears or try something new, what would you choose to do and why?
If I really have to challenge myself, then maybe jumping out of a plane that they usually do at the beginning of the show; it would terrify me but it's meant to be amazing! Plus it would set you up for the rest of the show, being ready to conquer anything!

I really enjoyed this tag, I can't wait for the next one!


  1. Great answers! Question 1 is so hard isn't it? One item is just not enough, haha! Love answer 8, 'ready to conquer anything' - definitely, love the positivity :-)

    Thanks for taking part; look forward to next week.

    x Roch & Tash x

  2. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! You can look at my post on my blog at xx