Saturday, 16 November 2013

Winter Lipsticks

I literally can't get enough of these lipsticks so I decided to do a post about them. Because they're quite neutral colours, I find they look better with Winter outfits as they just compliment them well. I have chosen four Elf lipsticks and two Clinique ones and the selection mainly consists of browns, pinks and reds. (Mind the effects on the pictures, I'm trying to get used to editing my photos hehe!)

1. Elf Mineral Lipstick - Barely Bitten
2. Elf Mineral Lipstick - Runaway Pink
3. Elf Mineral Lipstick - Rosy Tan
4. Clinique High Impact Lip Colour - Extreme Pink
5. Elf Lipstick - Classy
6. Clinique Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipstick - Adore U

1. This was one of the first Elf lipsticks that I bought and I love it! I'm not the type of girl to wear red lipstick as I've never thought it suited me, however I found that this lipstick isn't a particularly bright colour; it's more of a darker red and I find that it suits me more than a brighter colour due to my skin tone. It gives sort of a sore lips kind of look, which is perfect for Winter when that cold weather bites (eeek!)

I also absolutely loveee Elf lipsticks; they're so creamy and I love the colours that they come in - I hope to own every colour one day;) I can't get enough of them!

2. Another one by Elf! At £5 each, these beauties are really worth stocking up on! I would say this colour is close to nude and I love wearing this with neutral eye makeup. Pink doesn't usually suit me (especially bright Barbie pink, oh no) but I love this shade! It's also extremely moisturising and long lasting.

I usually apply Vaseline or lip balm before applying lipstick as I've found it glides on better and softens your lips beforehand. I love the matte finish that you get with this lipstick.

3. This colour is similar to Runaway Pink and it is quite hard to tell the difference, however this one is just slightly darker as it's more of a brown colour. I usually try and build this colour up so my lips don't appear too dark!

Writing this post makes me want to buy more Elf lipsticks, so I might just do that hehe!

4. I got this lipstick as part of a free gift after spending so much on Clinique, but it has become one of my favourites lipsticks to wear at this time of year! It's very creamy and shiny, plus the colour is very bold and pigmented (the name says it all really!)

The lipstick has a slight shimmer to it and I would say it's close to a fuschia shade. Since I have pale skin, I've found that it suits me really well (which I was surprised about, seeing as pinks don't usually look that great on me).

 5. Surprise, surprise - another Elf lipstick! By now, you have probably realised that I'm slighttttly obsessed with Elf lipsticks, I just love them for obvious reasons!;) However, I was actually disappointed when I first got this because as soon as I used it, it snapped at the bottom, which shows that it's not very strong. However, I still use it (I just have to be very careful hehe!) It was only £1.50 anyway!

However, I adore the colour and the matte finish that this lipstick gives you. I would say it's less creamy than the Elf Mineral lipsticks, however I don't mind as the colour is amazing!

6. I love the unique packaging of this lipstick as the lid has an unusual texture/pattern. I'm not usually keen on this type of lipstick shape, I prefer ones with an angled point (as you can see, this one is flat therefore more difficult to apply!)

I've found it's better to apply it with a brush so I don't ruin the lipstick, but I absolutely love the light brown colour, creamy texture and shimmery outcome. I actually wore this for my prom last year and it lasted the full night!

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  1. Beautiful selections! I love ELF products! New follower :)

  2. Love the ELF barely bitten lipstick. Great post & lovely blog. You have another new follower, yay! :-) Look forward to reading more of your posts.

    x Roch & Tash x

  3. Love this - especially as I spend a ton of my time in ELF in Cardiff. I bought one of their lipsticks in Nicely Nude yesterday, will blog soon about it :) Following xo

    1. Thank you! I wish there was an ELF store near me:( I'm following you back!

  4. I love your ELF products! Just started following you : )

  5. The Clinique Adore U seems such a lovely color!