Thursday, 5 March 2015

Mother's Day Ideas: The Book of Mum*

Hello! Whilst busy with college, I thought it best to post a few reviews whilst I concentrate on college work, so what better way than to present the perfect gift for Mother's Day (15th March!) I was recently contacted by the brilliant The Book of Everyone company, which I had previously heard of due to reading reviews. It's basically a website that helps you create your very own personalised book for absolutely anyone - from grandparents to boyfriends/girlfriends.

Every year for Mother's Day I buy my mum the same thing - flowers, a card and maybe some chocolates, which is the typical cliché thing that people go for. She's really hard to buy for, I'd much prefer to give her something more personal, something that a lot of thought has gone into and something that she can keep for a long time. The Book of Mum is a special edition, helping you to show your appreciation for everything that your mum does for you.

As you can see, it comes in different formats; you can choose either a digital version, softcover express (which is the one I have), hardcover or deluxe edition.

It's something that you can really get involved in (and you can also name yourself as the author), as the website allows you to personally create it so it's original. There are certain pages you can edit to make it unique and there are also plenty of pages filled with humorous facts about the year in which that person was born. You can even add images, creating a lovely surprise for when they receive it.

It would also make a great gift for someone's birthday, as you can make it personalised for their age. The book is full of interesting facts relating to the year in which they were born and childhood memories, which is a nice touch to allow that person to indulge in some fond memories, such as the biggest film out in the year in which they were born and how much things were in "those days" (which makes you realise how bloody expensive things are these days!)

My dad is fond of this, he's thinking about buying one for my grandad's birthday in a few weeks, which he will be sure to appreciate. It's something a little different and makes for a lovely, personal gift!

Take a look at their website here to make your own personalised book for your mum this Mother's Day!

Follow them on Twitter at @BookOfEveryone.

Thanks for reading!


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