Saturday, 21 December 2013

Not Long Now!

I can't believe Christmas is only four days away; December has passed so quickly! The tree is up, the decorations are scattered and I'm now onto the bigger chocolates in my advent calendar. I love the build up to Christmas; the songs, the films, the atmosphere. I love seeing lights outside people's houses and exchanging presents! I also love christmas evening telly and the week leading up to New Year's Day.

And obviously, the big christmas dinner - mmm!

It just makes me realise how lucky I am that I get all of this over Christmas; I get to spend it with my family, receive presents and have a meal prepared for me. Things that many of us take for granted each year.

I really hope this is the year we get a 'White Christmas' and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I've been wearing my reindeer onesie from Next lately; it's soooo warm and cosy!!

What's your favourite thing about Christmas?


  1. I love that love heart baubale, reminds me of Vera Wang's Night Princess perfume!
    & I say my favourite thing about christmas would have to be the food - mines was super delicious.

    1. Ohh yeah! And you have to love the food haha! Thanks for the comment!

      Zoe xx

  2. I've got the cream bear next onesie in the same material they are so soft and cosy in winter aren't they? I wasn't into the whole onesie thing until I saw and felt these ones xxx

    1. I know they do such cosy onesies at Next!xx