Saturday, 7 December 2013

Final Week: I'm A Beauty Blogger, Get Me Out Of Here Tag!

1) Big congratulations! You won last week’s bush tucker trial. Your reward is the chance to create your own perfume. What ingredients/scents would you choose?
Probably a girly, floral scent! Something sweet and fresh!

2) Around the campfire you’re all sharing tips. What is the best advice you can give someone to keep your skin healthy?
Just to make sure you take your makeup off every night and use a toner to make sure it's all removed to stop your pores from clogging up! Also to moisturise! But to be honest you should just eat healthy and drink plenty of water; that keeps your skin looking healthy naturally.

3) How do you think your camp mates would describe you?
Ermm, probably kind and sensitive haha! And quiet at first, but after I've got to know them all I'd come out of my shell more.

4) You're missing your family and friends so to bring a bit of comfort to the jungle you are given the opportunity to send one twitter message (max 140 characters). Who would you text and what would you say?
I'd send a message to my mum along the lines of: "Don't worry, I'm doing ok. Hope all's well, can't wait to see you!!"

5) You’ve made it to the final two and are awarded the classic three course meal. What would you choose for starter, main and dessert?
For starter, I would choose barbeque ribs or chicken wings! My main would be a roast dinner and for afters, I'd say either a cheesecake or chocolate brownie with ice-cream!

6) You’re out of the jungle and the luxury hotel awaits! What will be the first thing you will do?
Probably jump on the bed! I'd eat everything in sight and have a two hour shower! Might as well make the most of the facilities;)

7) Now you’re out of the jungle and have all your luxuries back, what would be one product you have lived without and could continue to live without?
Either lipstick or bronzer.

8) Challenge – you have the choice of setting the challenge. What is your challenge and to whom?
Basically to all of my friends to see if they could handle it in there, without their phone!!;)

I've enjoyed completing this tag! So thank you for reading! I'm hoping to have more blog posts up next week! :)

P.S I'm also at 1,000 blog views! WOO! Thanks everyone (even though they're probably all from me haha!!)


  1. Haha, this is such a great tag, I love it! :) Love your blog too, congrats on 1000 views! :) xx

  2. Big thanks for taking part in this tag Zoe; we're glad you enjoy it as much as we did :-)

    Great answers 2, 3 & 6 and love answer 8, good one!

    Congrats on your page views :-) Speak soon.

    x Roch & Tash x