Tuesday, 30 December 2014

You've Got To Love Lush

Ahh, Lush! Lush products just make the perfect Christmas gift for girly girls, don't they?! Well not just Christmas - birthdays too, Valentine's day, maybe Easter, Halloween... (okay, maybe not). It'd be great if you received presents for all of them, wouldn't it? ;)

So I received the Lush "Christmas Candy Box" for Christmas and I tried to make the photo look Christmassy by chucking a bit of tinsel around the products (did it work?!) In the box, I received four items. I think most (or all) of these items are just available around Christmas time, so they may be hard to come by during the year - but they may still be available in the sale that's currently on at Lush, so get yourself there if you want to pick up any of these items for a much cheaper price.

1 Snow Fairy Shower Gel
Unfortunately, I can't link this product to the Lush website because it's only available around Christmas, but like I said before there may be some still available in the sale. This has such a sweet, candy scent (steer clear if you hate super-sweet scents!) The bright pink colour combined with the glittery bits makes the appearance really pretty and the smell reminds me of candy floss!

 2 Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
Hahaha, it made me laugh when I saw this; obviously something went wrong in the production or something seeing as it's lopsided, but it'll still work nonetheless! ;) Another sweet scent, this mainly smells of bubblegum. If you don't know how to use a bubble bar, you basically crumble it in your hand under running water and your bath then becomes filled with all these vanilla-scented, pink bubbles. I've had this before and I can't wait to use it once again. Again, it's not available through the website as it's a Christmas special, but you may be able to pick it up in the sale.

 3 Butterbear Bath Bomb
How cute is this? It's basically the ever-so popular Butterball (that's available all year round) but molded into a little bear shape. Made with cocoa butter, it's supposed to leave your skin feeling incredibly soft - it apparently also leaves a vanilla scent on your skin! I can't wait to have him in my bath hehe!

 4 Rock Star Soap
Now the "Rock Star" soap is available all year round -yay!! Again, it smells sooo sweet as it has vanilla running through it. The creamy texture persuades me into believing it'll be moisturising and quite similar to the 'Butterbear', so I'm looking forward to using this! Plus, seeing as it's a soap I'll probably get a few uses out of it.

I might update you either through my blog, Twitter or Instagram on how I got on with these products once I've used them, so look out for that if you're interested in knowing!

Are there any classic Lush products that are your all-time favourite?
Let me know in the comments :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. This gift set is amazing! I've tried all of these apart from Rock Star soap and I love them - such a shame they're only out around Christmas :( My all time favourite product from Lush is Dragons Egg it smells wonderful! xx
    Vanity Fairest

  2. I told my boss last year that the perfect gift for any occasion, to anyone, is from Lush. This year I got the Snow Fairy gift box for Christmas ;) Totally in love with their products. This seems like a lovely set too :)


  3. Loved this- im new to your blog and i'm already obsessed! My favourite has to be the magic wand!


  4. Love Lush products especially Snow Fairy Mmmm:) x