Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Packing For Summer: Beach Bag

Bag: Primark
Hat: H&M

This week's topic for the "Summer Blogger Challenge" is "Packing For Summer" so I thought I would do a post on what I tend to take to the beach! I love going to the beach; it's so relaxing and it's lovely when it's nice and warm. Going to the beach is quite a laidback thing, so you don't need to bring loads of makeup (or wear it for that matter!) I usually pack a few bits and bobs to make my beach trip a fun and relaxing one.

Water (obviously...)
No way would I go to the beach without packing some water! Being sat in the sun all day can result in dehydration (which is dangerous! You don't want to end up with sunstroke!) I usually bring a few bottles; you can even bring a cooler to make sure your water stays cold all day!

Sunscreen (a must!)
Another necessity that is just plain safe to have! You need to keep topping up your suncream when you're outdoors, especially at noon when the sun is at its highest point! There's nothing worse than spending the rest of your holiday with sore, burnt skin - you're going to wish you'd used it!

Hand Sanitiser (just because...)
This is me being a bit of a germ freak, but if you've been in the sea and touched god-knows-what on the sand (and especially if you're about to eat) it's nice to have clean hands.

Schwarzkopf Texturising Salt Spray (for creating beach waves!)
I love this spray; it gives your hair texture and holds your style. If you've been in the sea, give your hair a spritz with this and scrunch - you'll have some lovely beach waves!

Sunglasses (so you can stop squinting!)
Big sunglasses are essential for the beach; I like the design of these (they're also slightly cat-eye!)

Lip Balm (lips need hydrating!)
I love this strawberry lip balm from The Body Shop as it's super moisturising and it has an amazing scent! It also gives a gorgeous pink/red tint.

Mirror (vain I know!)
My friend got me this personalised mirror for my birthday and I always carry it in my bag. It's great for whipping out if you have something in your eye (like sand!) I always have something in my eye, so a mirror always comes in handy wherever I go.

Phone (and earphones!)
You may not be able to get signal, but you can still use your phone to take snaps of the view and listen to music. During the journey and on the beach, you can listen to some Summer tunes whilst relaxing - perfect!

Kindle (for reading a bit of John Green)
I know that lots of people like to read on the beach when they're sunbathing, as it gives you something to do! Plus it's a bit of entertainment if you're bored.

Bikini (don't forget a towel too!)
If you tan easily (I unfortunately don't) then bringing a bikini is essential so you can make sure every part of your body has access to the sun (well, nearly every part!) I like going in the sea in my bikini, but just don't forget a towel!

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