Tuesday, 8 July 2014

10 Films That Make Me Feel Nostalgic

Hi everyone. I haven't really posted anything in a while; I've got into a habit of just posting once a week this past month as I've struggled for ideas. However, I'm now back with a few ideas up my sleeve. I was actually planning on posting an Outfit Of The Day today, but it really isn't the weather for it - it looks like it's about to chuck it down, plus it's thundering! Anyway, today I thought I would do a lifestyle type post (that doesn't involve my own photos!) There are sooooo many films that I loved when I was younger that bring back so many memories and actually make me feel a bit teary! Nostalgia comes with so many emotions haha! I thought I would do a list of 10 films that I used to love watching when I was younger - you may recognise a few of your favourites too! These aren't in any type of order by the way, just a collection of my faves!

10. Matilda (1996)

9. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (1971)

8. Finding Nemo (2003)
7. Shrek (2001)
6. Barbie As Rapunzel (2002)

5. Sabrina Goes To Rome (1998)

4. Good Burger (1997)

3. Seeing Double (2003)
2. Mary-Kate & Ashley Films (1992 - 2004)
1. Grease (1978)
Aww, I love these films! Some of them may be cheesy and rubbish haha, but some are classic films that are still popular today. They bring back a lot of memories; some were even made before I was born!

What's the one film that makes you feel nostalgic?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Grease blijft mijn favoriete film! Heerlijk, zowel deel 1 als 2.

    1. I haven't seen the second one, I've heard bad reviews about it :/ x

  2. I suddenly feel as though I need to watch all of these all over again! x

  3. The first three movies were so awesome! I wanna watch them again!

  4. Completely forgot S Club 7 made a film. Definitely need to watch it again :) You have a lovely blog too, Katy x