Sunday, 15 June 2014

Wish List: Wanted For Summer

There are a few luxuries I've spotted recently that I'd love to get my hands on this Summer, so I've included a few in a somewhat small wish list that I thought I'd post for today.

1. Large Yankee Candle "Clean Cotton" - £14.99
This is one of my favourite scents from Yankee Candle and I'd love to own the large version of it. I love the 'fresh' smell, which would be lovely to have in my room. The smell of the washing drying outside is a scent that I love and it has a special 'Summer' feel about it, ahh!

2. L'OrĂ©al Nude Magique Blur Cream - £9.99
I've seen quite a few bloggers rave about this product recently and if you've been reading my posts, you'll know that I've swapped my foundation for a much lighter coverage; BB cream! I've heard that this could even be as good as Benefit's Big Easy (which is the cheaper alternative I've been looking for!)

3. The Body Shop "White Musk" Eau De Parfum - £13.00
I asked my friend the other day what perfume she was wearing because I loved it! She said it was this one, so we went into The Body Shop and had a look round the different fragrances. The range of fruity, floral perfumes that are lined up on the shelves makes it nearly impossible to choose just one. I think I'll be buying a few of these very soon (or ask for them for my birthday hehe!)

4. Large Yankee Candle "Pink Sands" - £19.49
Another Yankee Candle! This one smells so sweet and has a 'beachy' smell about it, which is why it's in my Summer wish list! I only ever see Yankee Candles now and again (usually in House Of Fraser or little boutique-type shops!) This would make the perfect gift for a friend's birthday if it's in the middle of Summer!

What's on your Summer wish list?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the Clean Cotton Yankee Candle!

  2. I love the Pink Sands Yankee Candle, it's definitely my favourite scent x


    1. Yeah I've heard that it's really popular! X

  3. I love White Musk, it is such a lovely scent!

    Fleur |

    1. I know - one of my favourites from there! X

  4. Two of my favourite Yankee scents. Have you had a whiff of Honey Blossom? Phwooar.


    1. Oooh, I'll have to try that! Sounds lovely :)x