Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My Summer Bucket List

This week's "Summer Blogger Challenge" topic is "Summer Bucket List" and I'd been wondering what type of post to do for it seeing as this is the first time that the post isn't specifically beauty-related. I've decided to put together a handful of things I'd personally like to do this Summer, before September comes around again and it's back to college.

This would be the perfect Summer afternoon; packing up some sandwiches, crisps, cold drinks and blankets and sitting out on the grass in the local park with my friends. Bringing some speakers so we can listen to music while we soak up the Sun and having a good laugh! Can't wait!

Need I say much more?! My friends and I have already said that we'll be getting the train to the beach - it's one of my favourite things to do in the Summer! I love relaxing on the sand, paddling in the sea and getting some fish and chips to eat.

I love spending time with my family and we'll all be off work/college/school so we'll have plenty of time to make the most of the holidays. We're also getting a gorgeous new puppy (which I'll be doing a post about soon!)

I started driving lessons in April after over a year of being terrified! I'm hoping to pass my theory before September but I wish I'd started my lessons as soon as I'd turned 17, as I'd have probably passed by now. But I'm really looking forward to having the freedom of being able to drive wherever I want.

I also want to do more exercise, especially playing tennis and going swimming now that it's getting warmer. I've also downloaded these apps above, where it gives you exercises to do everyday as part of the 30 day challenge. I did a post on getting in shape for Summer with some fab exercises you can do, so check it out here.

Thanks for reading my Summer bucket list!
Leave a link to your bucket list down below if you're taking part in the challenge!


  1. Beautiful pics!! So jealous about the puppy - want one so bad xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Beautiful post :) I also chose picnics and the beach as some of the things on my bucket list :) x

    1. Thanks:) yeah I saw that they were popular choices for this post! x

  3. Lovely post! Doing more exercise is on my bucket list, good luck to both of us hah!xx

  4. Love your pictures and I cannot wait to see some of the new pup! :)

  5. Those puppies are too cute!! I can't wait to read that post! I loved your bucket list. I put the beach and a picnic on my list too - Great minds ;-) xx

  6. I love this bucket list! I bet you're so excited to get a puppy, I can't wait to read a post about it. Good luck with house training haha x


  7. How exciting to get a pup! Good luck on your list. Every year I try to do this but every year it seem summer gets shorter!!