Friday, 6 June 2014

Heated Rollers: Big Bouncy Curls

I absolutely love using these rollers when I'm going out; I love the volume and the slight curls that I get from them. They're also really easy to use and do most of the work themselves, as they're heated (you don't have to sit there with a hairdryer and an achy arm!) 

You get eight large rollers (which I tend to use on my top layers to give volume at the root), six medium rollers (which create a slight wave with volume) and six small rollers (which give a volumised, tighter 'springy' curl). You also get plenty of metal pins for using on every size roller to help keep them in place and ten black clips (which I use on the large rollers!)

After getting out of the shower, I left my hair in a towel so that it wasn't dripping wet and I ran a handful of Andrew Barton I Love Volume Volumptious Mousse through the full length of my hair, roots and all. I then made sure to spray my Andrew Barton Heat Defence through, as I was going to be using the rollers on the highest heat setting. I then roughly blasted my hair with my hairdryer, until it was about 90% dry (but still quite damp in places). I find that it's best to use these rollers when your hair is only slightly damp, as the heat from the rollers dries the rest of your hair, giving a more volumised look (and it also tends to hold for longer).

I put the rollers on the highest heat setting as my hair's quite long and thick, so make your best judgement on what setting to use depending on your hair type. When they're fully heated, (which only takes a few minutes) the dot on the roller at the front will turn white, which means they're ready to use. It usually takes me around 10-15 minutes to place them all in my hair, using the large rollers first and working my way to the bottom layer of my hair, reducing the size of the roller. 

I place the largest rollers on the top of my head, winding my hair backwards towards the crown. I find that it gives me more volume when I wind my hair back instead of working around my parting, as then when you take them out, your hair has a lift. 

I made sure to use all eight of the large rollers, securing them with the large butterfly clips that are included in the set. I then used the medium rollers and then the smallest ones, placing them around my head using the metal clips (which you place around the roller and then push to the side). I then leave them in for a few hours to allow my hair to dry (just because I like to, feel free to take them out when they're cool!) A few weeks back, I posted a photo of the result on my Instagram here.

After a few hours, I take them out from the bottom first (but I don't 'pull' them out; I gently unwind them!)

As you can see, here is the result of the small roller. After I've taken all of the small rollers out, I gently run my fingers through them to slightly loosen them up. I also back-brush them a little bit and spray with a bit of hairspray.

I've now taken the medium rollers out, leaving me with more volume and waves.

Sorry about the bad quality photo (and my dirty mirror hehe!) But here is the result of the large rollers; I love the volume! I run my fingers through and back-brush after taking each layer of rollers out, before spraying with hairspray.

Here is the overall result; a mixture of volume and curls. I really recommend buying these rollers - they're great, especially if you have layers! They're also very versatile; you can create a totally different look every time depending on how you put them in and which rollers you use. After running my fingers through, I sprayed some hairspray to make sure they would last throughout the night and GUESS WHAT?! They did!

I hope you enjoyed this post; picture overload!!
What do you think of heated rollers?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've never tried heater rollers before! I have reallllllly long hair hehe I'm curious how mine would turn out. :3 great review!!!!

  2. These look great! I use the enrapture heated rollers and I love themmm - such an easy way to get a really polished look to your hair :) Great post - love from a new follower xx

  3. I have these rollers, they are so good for quick curls. Your hair looks so pretty! x

    1. Thank you:-) I love them, they're so easy to use as well! x

  4. Your hair looks amazing Zoe! Whenever I use heated rollers, my hair just drops straight away :( I think I need to change the products I'm using
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

    1. Aw that's lovely, thank you! And well I find mousse and hairspray definitely help!xx

  5. Those turned out stunning! I've always wanted to try hot rollers

    Ali |