Sunday, 12 January 2014

Wish List: In Need Of A New Dress

First of all, I'd like to say a huuuge thank you to everyone who has followed me over these past few weeks. I've been blogging for around two months now and I reached 100 followers on Bloglovin' during Wednesday's blogger chat on Twitter, so thank you very much!! 

I thought I would do a different kind of post today. I see these types of posts frequently posted on various blogs that I follow and I really wanted to have a go at one myself.

Now that I'm 18 I would like to go out more often, so I'm in need of more 'going out' clothes. I'm a big fan of LBDs, but I want to add a splash of colour into my wardrobe, therefore I've chosen a variety of dresses from New Look's website that I like the look of.

1. White Floral Print Edge Bodycon Dress, £22.99

I think this is such a pretty, elegant dress and the colour 'white' makes a change to what I usually wear. The floral print around the edges of the dress outlines your figure and the three-quarter length sleeves means you won't be too cold if you're going out at this time of year. Also, the floral design is perfect for when Spring arrives, so I would be able to wear this dress for the next few months!

2. Blue Round Neck Cap Sleeve Bodycon Dress, £12.99

Another bodycon! I love figure hugging dresses for when I go out and I find that bright blue really suits me. I absolutely love simple dresses like this, as you can add accessories to jazz it up, as well as a cute clutch bag and heels.

3. Blue Short Sleeve Skater Dress, £19.99

I chose this dress as it looks versatile; I could wear it during the day with leggings and boots, or dress it up and wear it in the evening with black tights. I like the fact that it's tight around the waist and then flares slightly out; very flattering!

4. Red Space Dye 3/4 Sleeve Bodycon Dress, £14.99

I absolutely adore the pattern of this dress (plus it has three-quarter length sleeves like the first dress, which I'm a fan of!) I would either add some chunky black boots with this, or heels! This dress has got a grunge feel about it, which would look great with dark nails!

New Look is one of my favourite shops; the clothes and shoes are gorgeous (and they're not too expensive!) I've loved doing this type of post, plus it's my first fashion-related post. I think I might do more of these quite soon!:-)

Which shop do you prefer to buy dresses from?


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