Monday, 8 September 2014

Back To College: Autumn Haul

I haven't posted in God knows how long - I've been so busy with getting ready for college and playing with my new puppy hehe! But I'm back today with a haul for you, just to let you know that I'm still wanting to blog. I haven't given up, I'm just having to work around things - sadly, work comes first before my hobby.

Knowing that I was going back to college, I looked in my wardrobe to find flip-flops, vest tops and summer dresses - not very suitable for the autumn weather that'll be approaching us soon. I knew I needed to buy a few warmer bits and bobs, so I went into H&M and Primark (my two favourite shops!)

I love H&M - especially for basics! I picked up some lovely autumn tops (I say autumn because they're not cool enough for summer, but not warm enough for winter; they're sort of in between!) They're great for layering though, so they'll do for winter as well! I'm really loving plums and greys at the minute, so I managed to pick up a couple of things in them shades. They aren't too thick either, so hopefully I won't be too hot (which I always am at college because the central heating is through the roof!)

H&M is my favourite place to buy jeans from - I love the fit! I find them really flattering so I bought a pair of light blue skinny jeans. I have these in a slightly darker shade too - they're my favourite!!

I also went into Primark and bought some slip on black pumps. They were only cheap, but they're easy to slip on and they go with most outfits! I got some black suede boots too for when the weather gets worse; they seem like good quality, so hopefully they'll see me through winter!

Have you done any autumn/winter shopping yet?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love all the tops you got from H&M, they have some really nice items for Autumn :) x

    Rambling Makeup

  2. Thanks! Yeah agreed, I'll definitely be going back in there before Christmas! X

  3. I love all the tops! You have great taste.
    Great post sweetie.

  4. primark boots are always a win win situation, cheap, long lasting and they look gorgeous xx

  5. This is so cute! Can't wait for San Diego to cool down so I can wear true autumn clothes. Love your blog! Thanks for checking mine out.

    XOXO, Ruby